Still no IPv6

What is “still no IPv6” ?

Let me introduce you to my “still no IPv6” project. The target of it is to let the providers know, that we want and we need IPv6.

Just to make myself clear, I don’t want to blame anybody, the goal should be to tell the providers, we are your customers and we want to use IPv6.


What is the problem?

I  am Jens and I was born and still live in Germany. I am proud to live here, don’t get me wrong.

But from an technically point of view, we all here live in the electronic no mans land. Fiber to the home is only available if you live in big city’s and even there it’s hard to find the right internet access provider. The problem is the most of them does not support IPv6.

Get involved

If you are in the same situation or you have informations about a service you want to use which don’t have IPv6 support by now, post it on twitter using hash-tag #stillNoIPv6 and #electronicNoMansLand. If you don’t have a twitter account or you don’t want to publish it on your own, contact me on using blog (at) frostblog (dot) net .