Pizza, dosbox and finally a broken package manager

Pizza, dosbox … and finally a broken package manager

I really like the old school games, like settlers, street fighter and so on. So I decide to install dosbox on my ubuntu 16 something.

I tried ubuntu package manager and voilà 0.74 dosbox installed successfully. Great this was easy.

Get started

So next, I have to mount a directory as c: …  Put the dos games into this directory
and you are good to go.

Oh wait … stop … we need sound as well . So a little bit of google here and there is a how to dosbox midi.

The settlers

My first choice  was settlers. It is such a nice game. Great game play and this quite little workers. I love it.

Sound works and even saving. Everything as on my i386 computer … being in the mid 90`s. 🙂

Pizza Tycoon

My second choice was pizza tycoon. Took me a bit to get it started. I had the German version called “pizza connection”. But finally it works.

I’ve lost the manual  … fu** … google helps here as well, some nice guys has put it as pdf files in the net.

So starting a new game … rent a shop and one of my favorite features, buy furniture. Create some pizza’s as well and hire some employees.  Fine day one ends. So now open up the new store … but wait … old dos game … you shoud save as often as you can. So I go to the internal menu, hit save game and … dosbox crashed.

Damn it .. looking into dosbox compatibility. Zero percent supported in 0.74

Dosbox 0.73

But 0.73 is supported. So no problem just download the sources. .. linux is my daily business … should be easy. 🙂  Just a little ./configure and make … and … a broken c code. Ok looks like 0.73 is to old for a ubuntu 16.

I tried to find a dosbox.deb package and found one. So I end up in trying to
get the dependencies handled and ended up with a broken ubuntu package manager.

I really had to dig deep to get my ubuntu package manager fixed again.

So no  dosbox 0.73 and no pizza tycoon for me. Do I really have to install a windows ??